Why Is The Media Ignoring The Nashville-Church Shooting?


While mainstream media has focused squarely on the NFL’s national-anthem controversy, there was a church shooting in Nashville (TN) on Sunday. This should be national news, yet it seems to have gone under the radar—but why?

The shooter, a Sudanese immigrant named Emanuel Kidega Samson with legal residency here in the US, killed one and injured six on Sunday. Witnesses say had it not been for the bravery of Robert Caleb Engle, a young usher and licensed gun owner, the incident could have been much more lethal.

After Samson shot one woman in the parking lot, he made his way into Burnette Chapel Church of Christ—where Engle confronted him. As the two fought, the shooter accidentally shot himself during the scuffle—giving Engle the opportunity to retrieve his weapon. Engle then held Samson at gunpoint until police arrived. The humble usher has maintained that he needs no praise and first-responders should be regarded as the true heroes of the day—an incredible young man, to say the least.

How much time has the media actually spent covering this horrific event? Hardly any—especially compared to the NFL drama.

The Sunday-morning shooting has been regarded as more of an afterthought, despite being the much more “newsworthy” event. While the national anthem is important, there’s been hardly any coverage on the Nashville-church shooting.

At least one network, MSNBC, has come under fire for failing to note Samson’s nationality when discussing the event. Rather than identifying him as a Sudanese immigrant, the news network chose to simply say he was from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Interestingly enough, Trump’s new travel restrictions include Sudan. How convenient is that?

The Nashville-church shooting defies the liberal media’s narrative in virtually every respect: the shooter was a black, Sudanese immigrant; he killed a 39-year-old white woman named Melanie Smith. A good man and licensed, gun owner stopped him. No wonder this tragedy has earned so little media   coverage

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