Chelsea Clinton Just Made Sickening Claim About Barron That Immediately Blew Up In Her Face


Chelsea Clinton is the latest to join the hate brigade against ten-year-old Barron Trump who has done nothing, other than being President Trump’s son. While she tried to disguise her perverted claim under the guise she was being compassionate toward him, it took no time at all for others to see what she was really doing and turned the attack back on her.

The former First Daughter doesn’t make posts frequently on social media but just broke her silence with a message for Barron as one president’s child to another. She began with coming to the defense of the young boy, telling her fellow hateful liberals that “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid.”

Instead of leaving it at that, her true colors and intentions in the post immediately came out with what she followed that up with, which immediately backfired.

Biz Pac Review reported that Chelsea couldn’t just leave well enough alone and say something nice, she had to use him her sick prop to make a grossly misguided claim against our new president. In that same post about Barron, she added that “Standing up for every kid also means opposing POTUS policies that hurt kids.

” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this woman, who can’t just be kind and also has to lie.

Chelsea was relentlessly called out for her inappropriate slander of the POTUS by Twitter users who didn’t hold back. One discerning individual said, “when talking about ‘policies that hurt kids,’ the Clintons and their crooked, money-laundering Clinton Foundation take the cake.”

Others simply implied that it was disgusting that she would use this child to make a slam, which totally discredits her initial defense of him.

True to liberal form, she used child suffering to sell a point on her agenda and take a jab at the opposing party. Trump has only been in office for three days and while he’s already made a lot of needed changes, not a single policy has been child-related, giving her no reason to make such a gross claim about our president.


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