Black Lives Matter THUGS Blocking Emergency Crews From Reaching Hurricane Victims


This is just sick! Emergency crews are working hard to make sure that they can be there to rescue Hurricane Harvey victims, but leftist punks from the Black Lives Matter clique don’t think people deserve to be saved.

While blacks whined about having to spend a few minutes on rooftops as George W. Bush worked hard to keep people safe after Hurricane Katrina hit, they are now so “woke” that their need to have people hear them scream that some thug who punched a cop got hurt (insert any one you can think of here) has dwarfed their desire to seed people safe from the Hurricane.
Police are currently engaged in a standoff with the “protesters,” who decided to block traffic because Donald Trump is a “racist” according to chants from the unruly mob.

Already, fire trucks and ambulances are forced to turn around and find another route after the Black Lives Crew decided to flip one of them on its side. Two paramedics were injured in the attack.

If there is any problem with the response to this hurricane, the problem won’t be with Trump who has made sure we are prepared in advance. It will be with these “civil rights activists” who don’t know when to leave well enough alone